Creative project managers plan and organize project budgets, timelines, the scope of work, and more. They serve as the liaison between the creative team and the client to establish expectations as well as monitoring project timelines, workloads, and project objectives to ensure that they all stay on track. Creative project managers earn an average sum of $88,000 annually or $42 per hour.

Creative project managers play a vital role in keeping projects moving internally, and they usually work in the creative industry and ensure proper coordination between different teams. They work primarily on creative projects ranging from website design to video production. They oversee the work of creative professionals and have the ability to work with all levels of management.

Creative project managers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, business, or other relevant fields. They are expected to be skilled at organizing, multitasking, and communication. Most employers also require candidates to possess a keen eye for detail and some basic knowledge of creative projects and processes. Also, they need to be familiar with project management tools and workflows.